Las Vegas…

11 Feb

I went to Vegas the other day, what a disappointment that was.  I approach all new experiences openly, but what a distraction that place proves to be.  Like being in one big advertisement the whole time I was there.  Everything that’s wrong with America cranked up to 11 and served on a disposable platter, give me a fuckin’ break.  I love you Sis, but next year I pick the vacation destination, capiche?

I must say though, AMAZING uses of scale and architecture.  A LOT of talent went into that place- too bad the format is so damned redundant.  I overheard on the radio in the cab ride back to the airport that the Planet Hollywood (if I recall correctly, there’s a fair chance I don’t) is bankrupt and trying to sell the multi-billion dollar property.  Can you imagine how that feels?

“Guys, we’re out of money.”

“Yeah, but we’re a casino.”

“I know, and that’s what’s so perplexing about the whole mess.”


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