St. Valentine, Smith and Jones.

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day is a strange day indeed in its modern incarnation.  Named for one or more of the early Christian martyrs who was killed for his beliefs, the holiday began in 469 AD and was a memorial to the fallen “St. Valentine.”  I say one or more, because it’s not even clear which Christian martyr Valentine it was.  Apparently among early Christian martyrs Valentine was the equivalent of a Smith or Jones.  At any rate, how that translates today to heart-shaped boxes of candy, red and pink greeting cards and diamond-heart tennis bracelets  is beyond me.

This Valentine’s Day was special to me.  I have a girlfriend who also recognizes the ridiculousness of this strange holiday.  Not being one of the blind “sheeple” consumers that make up a large part of our generation, she made me a greeting card with the hooker and tranny ads from the back of “The Stranger,” a local Seattle magazine.   Her card mentioned her disgust with the monotony of the severely misunderstood holiday and called into question our country’s fascination with pink and red for the day.  She also mentioned that she’d love me no matter what the day!  Cool, huh?

I wanted to mention the satisfaction it brought me find a girl who gets that.  My favorite color does happen to be red…Green is a close second, not at all like Christmas though!  As evidenced by her hair color when I met her and now, she obviously loves pink.  Maybe it was meant to be this way, maybe I notice too much and try to point out coincidences where they hardly exist.  Probably so, that’s sort of the theme of a lot of these entries as you may have noticed.  The more I exist, however, the less I believe in them, coincidences.   At any rate, I love this picture of Celina , taken by her roommate after she just re-dyed her hair.  Enjoy and happy St. Valentine’s Day.


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