Portable Comfort?

18 Sep

Lots of people feel adventurous for getting jobs in far off places.  I felt it too when I was nineteen in Wyoming.  I’ve since realized that to really feel/be adventurous you have to continually push outside of your own comfort zone.  True adventures cannot be achieved by simply packing up your comfort zone and taking it with you.  It feels right for the initial leg of any journey but once the destination is reached, the mundane rears his familiar face.  I think it’s one of the reasons so much of the seasonal population drinks to such excess; they’ve either carried their comfort zones with them or are trying to accommodate the lack of comfort they’ve always felt, just now they’ve become enamored with the novelty of the new setting- enamored and hammered!  Realizing this concept was an epiphany for me.  On the drive up from Seattle through British Columbia I felt more alive than I have in a long time.  It’s been said that to really know yourself you must  travel!  I am just now realizing the validity of that imperative.  As soon as I regained a zone of relative comfort, this time in Alaska, I became noticeably bored as if my adventure curve, which was climbing steadily as I followed the needle north, had suddenly hit a flatline.  I will aim for little (in the way of definitive plans) for my first travel stint abroad.  It is my hope that this may provide the adventure and thus, the self-understanding I so desire.

I’ll keep you posted!



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